"Our power finally came back on Saturday night at 8P……..even though it’s never a good thing when you lose power for 4 days, I must tell you, the 27KW Quiet Source was absolutely amazing!!! It truly lived up to its name – the generator was extremely quiet, powered our entire home (400AMP service), and never skipped a beat. Our neighbors couldn’t believe our house was lit-up like a Christmas tree at night; we were able to use our stove, washer/dryer, etc. The biggest inconvenience was our cable Phone/Internet/TV was down for almost the entire time.

We absolutely love our generator, and couldn’t be more pleased with Power Watch Systems as well; we know you guys will always be there when needed!"

"It worked!! Woke up last night to the quiet lull of the generator!! Lost power for 3 hrs and it worked beautifully!!"

Meadowbrook, PA 27 KW

"…Without a doubt, Mike and the folks at PowerWatchSystems paid the most attention to detail and were the most professional contractors that I have ever worked with. Mike clearly takes ownership over the whole process and pride in his work. I have already recommended them to several of my friends - and no, not to get a small referral fee, but rather to ensure that my friends get the best service that is available. I will continue to use PWS for all of the maintenance of the generator in the coming years…"

Dr. Finkle
Ardmore, PA

"I recently bought a Generac 20KW from Power Watch Systems. Mike and his team installed the generator in a timely and professional manner. I shopped around with other Generac contractors and compared with the other contractors, their price was fair and reasonable. After hurricane Sandy hit, we were without power for three days. Mike and Sharon were easily available to assist with all my questions about the operation of the generator and assit with resupplying the generator with oil. We have been extremely satisfied the Generac product and Power Watch Systems."

Gladwyne, PA

"…Power Watch offered a comprehensive solution and a competitive price. Their workmanship was everything the propane company observed. They installed our Generac on a December day that was cold and raining. Everything was done well and neatly and tested before Power Watch finished and they explained all aspects of the installation, fully. We recommend Power Watch and Generac without reservation. Power Watch will service our Generac annually to assure its always being ready to supply electricity…"

Media, PA

"I typically get 5-7 bids for any house project. As a CFO by trade I know how to spot high quality vendors and sort through the options. PWS was high quality and well-priced. If you have any questions, i'm more than happy to speak in detail about my experience."

Malvern, PA

"The installation was flawless, clean, on-time, and on budget. What I appreciated the most was the experience PWS brought to the table. Mike's crew had been there, done it before - many times! They really know their stuff, and Mike is extremely hands-on. PWS took the time to educate/train me on the use of the generator, and the intervals for service. The installation was perfect, and we have a dealer to service us for many years to come. I highly recommend PWS for your home generator needs."

S. Barone
Chester Springs, PA

"My experience with my backup generator has been one of complete satisfaction - Power Watch selected the right generator for my needs and for two years since building my home I've had 100% reliability - we experience frequent outages in my area and I have peace of mind that my home is always covered.  Almost immediately upon an outage the generator kicks on and powers my entire home and when service resumes the system goes dormant automatically.  Power Watch also performs regular service annually so I have no concerns.  It was the right system from the right team at the right price!"

C. Debbas
Villanova, PA

"Our Community depends on us to be there in an emergency and we depend on our Power Watch back-up generator to be there for us. Mike and his team did an amazing job installing our system, despite the challenges they faced from our 100 year old building."

John Rafner, President of Trappe Fire Company #1
Trappe, PA

"After our basement flooded 4 years ago we made the decision to install a generator by Power Watch Systems, Inc. PWS has given us the piece of mind that even in a power outage our sump pump will keep working. PWS not only installed our generator, but also provides dependable annual maintenance to our system."

Dr. Timothy Fiorillo
Collegeville, PA